Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A million excuses...

That is what I have for not updated my blog in MONTHS.... but maybe, just maybe I'll be back on track now.

We have been one busy bunch of people the last few months. The store has been insanely busy, Rick and the kids are both racing and I helped host a shower in honor of the arrival of my sister-in-laws baby girl....
Rick has been putting in lots of hours with the race program and has had tremendous results. The group he is racing with is probably one of the largest touring series on the entire West coast. With the economic problems racing doesn't seem to be on the top of many people lists but the NW Pro 4 Alliance has had over 30 cars at both their events. In May we raced in Wenatchee and finished first!! Last weekend we raced in Yakima and finished first!! It took until the last minute to finish this car and then just 10 days before the Yakima race he blew up a motor in practice, so these wins were especially appreciated! We are so proud of him.

Kaitlyn finished up 2nd grade.... I am so going to miss her teacher but it was so nice to finish the year. She is going to have a great class next year. She is doing basketball camps and lot of vacation bible schools this summer, finished up dance last week, and is still racing go-karts.

Trace finished pre-school and will officially be a kindergartner at Liberty in August. We are waiting on his teacher still but he has gone through the testing process and did great. Just hoping his behavior will stay in line so he can do well socially too! He is doing lots of VBS also and is playing soccer and racing. Tonight is his first soccer game, wahoo!

As for me I am just working and working and working.... I am finally able to get off at 5 instead of 6 which is so nice. The store is doing well which is a blessing. Here are a few pics of the shower I put on with my other sister in laws for Wendy and Addison: