Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School....

September = Back to school.... where did summer go?

Yesterday the kids had back to school day. We went and put away all their school supplies, found their desks and re-met their teachers. They were so excited!
I have to admit the highlight of the day for me was when Rick called me and asked what time we were going to be there because he didn't want to miss it. He drove into town and met us. It was a fun and special thing to do as a family!
Surprisingly bed time went better than expected. They were both so nervous. Kaitlyn was worried that her teacher wouldn't like her and that she would flunk all her subjects. She is such a worrier!
Wake up time went great. Both kids got up really well. All was going well until I told Trace to wear tennis shoes because he had P.E. today. Well turn on the freak out. Kailtyn had told him that if he couldn't tie his shoes he would get kicked out of P.E. and then get kicked out of school. So he told Rick to teach him right now how to tie his shoes. Rick told him he couldn't do it today but that they could work on this week. So at that point Trace said he wasn't going, started crying and then spilt the drink he was carrying to put in the sink all over him. GGGGRRRREEEAAATTT. We got him changed and Rick loaded up the kids in his car and hit the road. I followed them and just as I was getting on the freeway I got a call to go back and get Trace's glasses.
I made it on time to get a few pics before they went into school. I didn't cry, and it made me feel so good to watch them both just march right with confidence, smiles and eagerness.

Both had great first days. Trace did pull a warning stick (the stick in kinder is they friend to remind them to make good decisions) but survived the day and his teacher said he did well and she was proud of him. Kaitlyn loved her teacher and had a blast. She is so excited for tomorrow mostly because she gets to wear basketball shorts since it is her P.E. day. My deal with her is P.E. days are the only time she can wear basketball shorts. Dang it if she doesn't have P.E. 3 times a week this year! That one backfired on me big time.
Rick and I survived the day too. I was a wreck all day. I knew Kaitlyn would have a great day but Trace is our challenge. I know he is exactly where he needs to be and I know that he has teachers that can not only lead him to do great both with his school work and his emotions but will also teach him that his attitude and actions need to make Jesus proud. Please keep him and his teachers in your prayers :-)