Wednesday, January 30, 2008


There are so many things I'm thankful for today so I thought I would share!
  • I'm so thankful that Kaitlyn's tests showed she was A-Ok this morning!!! Her blood sugar was perfect!
  • I'm thankful my children were able to go back to school today and that the roads were fine and allowed me to get them to school safely!

  • I'm thankful that it is in the high 30's again so some of this snow is melting!

  • I'm thankful for the gorgeous blue skies and sunshine that we are having (who would even know by looking out the window the artic wind makes your nose red just walking out the door!)

  • I'm thankful for blogging! I have to admit, I am about the worlds worst blogging snoop, ever. I love all of you that have links so I can go read others words of wisdom. Its amazing how someone you don't know, that doesn't live any where near you can inspire you. So thank you to those of you that are public and allow snoops like me to be inspired. And feel free to snoop on here any time... unfortunately I am not so inspiring. I did however finish a project tonight for my sister in laws birthday that I found through my snoops....he,he,he I'm so bad! But it did turn out super cute!

Go out and find the things you are thankful for and


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok...snow and ice can be gone now

Talk about ready for life to go back to normal! The kids have been home for the last 2 days with school being cancelled. Yesterday I had no problem staying home and it was extra nice having Rick home with us too. It was so bad that Hanford closed the entire site down. Today we were automatically on a 2 hour delay but by 7:30 they had cancelled all the districts. Turned out to be a little silly as it warmed up to like 42 degrees out and the roads that had been plowed were fine. The roads that hadn't been are a huge slushy mess though.

Anyways, I am done with snow days :-) The kids are so tired of being inside and I am paying the price! Rick's mom called me and ended up coming and getting them tonight to take them to the indoor playground at McDonalds because she knew I was at the end of my rope. Trace got in the car and she told him to blow me a kiss and he stuck his tongue out a me... 5 days of together time non-stop has been a bit much on both of us. As soon as I got inside I was feeling so guilty making her deal with him I called her and told her if he acted up once to call me and I would come and get him. She started laughing and said as soon as they pulled away he was totally fine. He needed a mommy break!!

So I am just finishing up my last few minutes of quiet. They should be back any minute and then I have to go into overdrive to get them all bathed and ready for school tomorrow. Kaitlyn will have to go in first thing for her doctors stuff. Hope she had a big dinner because she can't eat until after the test tomorrow :-( I just pray that some new storm doesn't roll in tonight!

So yea, there's my mother of the year vent. Stay at home moms, I have much respect for you! I know my kids are creatures of habit and we are just used to our routines. And now I'm ready to get back to them! Oh but I do love them so much :-)

Here's to a warm night, no more snow and no more ice!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Oh my gosh it is snowing!! I can't remember the last time it snowed this much and this hard. I just went out to the front yard and measured and we have 8 inches so far and it is still coming down. The worst part though is the sheet of ice that is under all this snow. Rick is still at work, they have repaired 4 trucks so far but it looks like he will have to stay for a while because they are having so many problems they want to keep a mechanic out there. I don't know how he will make it home anyways in his little car with 4 bald tires... he is crazy.

Here are the kids out at Jeremy and Nicole's playing in the snow:

Trace is "attempting" to take a nap. Kaitlyn stayed at J and N's to play with the girls. We are hoping Rick will be home this evening and we can met at the stadium and sled for a while. Trace's school has already cancelled for tomorrow and I would expect Kaitlyn's will follow suit. I can usually see the freeway from my front living room but it is snowing so hard I can't. When Rick went up earlier he said they hadn't even touched the freeway yet. I would imagine it has been "touched" by now but probably isn't good.
Well out to try to shovel a path to the road....

Ice... and a whole lotta snow!

Remember yesterday when I said they were predicting snow... well the predicted right!! Right as we were leaving to head to Tri-Cities an ice storm hit. It was only 21 degrees so everything was frozen as soon as it hit.

The kids had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese. It was of course packed. It was fun to visit with Jeremy and Nicole and see the kids!

The drive home was crazy, the roads were solid ice and there were wrecks every where! We made it home just fine though. Rick made a fire last night and we played Yahtzee. Then Kaitlyn and I started painting a project Rick is working on for our niece Meredith's birthday. It was looking to be a great night until Rick went out to check the hot tub at about 6:30.... apparently when I went out and added chemicals the other night I left the cover open. The top of the hot tub was solid ice, the heater was off and the water level was down about 5 inches. He got all the ice knocked off of it and pulled out the cartridge but the low speed pump wouldn't turn on and the heater would not kick on. He ended up working on that thing until almost 9 last night. I felt so horrible!!! In the end the only option was draining the tub and pulling off the pumps. So if anyone is up for ice skating we surely have a rink out back right now. The low-speed pump was blown up so tomorrow, good thing we know someone in the pool/spa business :-) And it might actually mean it wasn't totally my fault, but I'm sure it I won't be living that one down for a long time.

When we woke up this morning the snow was falling... HARD! We have already gotten 3 or 4 inches. Rick got called into work, they have to get the plows going out on the site so they can work tomorrow. Jeremy and Nicole called and already have a bon-fire going and have the 4-wheelers out. They want the kids and I to come over and play in the snow for a bit. I haven't quite motivated enough yet....

Well I need to go get the kids fed and find all the warm snow gear. We'll head over and play for a bit and get back in time for a lazy afternoon with naps included!!!

Stay safe and stay warm!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


What a slacker I have been on here all week! Its been a pretty good week, not too busy which has been nice! No school on Monday really made it nice. I stayed home with the kids and spent all day Sunday and Monday cleaning. I shampooed carpets, cleaned floors, gave Rick and I's bedroom a good clean up and did laundry... and more laundry... and more laundry! I remember my mom washing every day and until I had 2 kids, I never thought that could be possible. But to keep up this week it happened. Yuck!

Wednesday night we celebrated our niece Sara's 21st birthday. The family all gathered at El Cap for dinner and drinks. She celebrated al-right :-)

Thursday Kaitlyn got her report card, straight A's! She makes us so proud. She works so hard and loves school and learning so much. For how hard she works, I wouldn't care if she got C's but to be rewarded is so nice! She had to memorize a bible verse or a poem to recite to her class. She did such a good job she was chosen to recite hers on February 4th at her schools Speech Meet. She told us she had to say it in front of 1000 people. Well not quite but it is basically just like a spelling bee and there will be students chosen to go move on to a district level. Her verse is Ephesians 6:1-3. She has to recite it and then say what it means to her. Now if I can just get her to REMEMBER what it means :-)

I have the weekend off so yesterday I ran Kaitlyn up to school and then came home. Rick had some running around to do so he went up to pick her up. I took Trace in for a hair cut, that he really needed!
We ran back up to Tri-Cities last night to look at a trailer, which wasn't what we were looking for. Had dinner at Red Robin and then ran a few quick errands. We bought a game of Yahtzee and came home and played it with the kids. Rick of course won. Trace only made it through about 1/2 the game but we had fun.
Rick is at a go-kart meeting this morning. I'm taking the kids up to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party at noon. He'll meet us there when his meeting is over. Not sure after that what we'll do. I have some grocery shopping to do and he has a Home Depot run to make. I don't think we have any other plans tonight or tomorrow. It is supposed to snow all weekend and while it hasn't started yet, it looks like it could start any time. It is cold!!
I hope it is warmer where you are and if it isn't, that you are nice and toasty and enjoying your Saturday!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Another weekend down, why can't they be longer??? We had a pretty quiet and low-key weekend. Both kids woke up Saturday morning with runny noses and scratchy throats so Rick decided it would be a good day to just stay home. I had to work until 4 and surprisingly we weren't totally dead.

Today when I got up to get the newspaper it was snowing. I don't really care if it is the first snow of the year or the 25th snow of the year, I love waking up to snowfall. But it didn't last long. The sun came out and it disappeared just as quickly as it had arrived. Unfortunately the sun did not bring any warmth and the wind started around 1 and it hasn't stopped! I am hoping that it will calm down enough for the kids to sleep!

Rick headed to Tri-Cities for the Sportsmen show with his brother and I took on the task of cleaning and organizing Trace's room. I had a whole plan in tact and it actually came together and it didn't take to long to it done. I took out a huge bin (the size of a small toy box) of toys he has outgrown, not to mention a big lawn sack of garbage. I re-arranged the furniture and when I put him to bed a few minutes ago, IT WAS STILL CLEAN! My living room on the other hand, NOT SO CLEAN.

Both kids still have the runny noses and coughs. Since neither have school tomorrow I just decided to keep them home. Since I didn't get much housework besides T-Man's room done today, I have a lot to do tomorrow! And hopefully one more inside low-key day will get the kids a nice head start to being over this bug when they go back to school on Tuesday and are around every other sick kid in town.

That was our big weekend... I hope all of you had a great one and if you have tomorrow off, ENJOY!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just another thing on our plates!

What a crazy few days it has been! I guess we aren't really isolated in the crazy department, you work and raise kids and how can life not be crazy.

Wednesday night Kaitlyn kept telling me her bladder hurt. She said it was just a sharp pain and would come and go while she was sitting or standing. She wasn't having any other normal symptoms of a UTI so I just told her I would see how she was the next morning. Yesterday she woke up and said it was ok, no worse, and she wanted to go to school. When I got to school to pick her up she immediately said she had to go to the bathroom. So I unloaded Trace and went back into the school. Her teacher then told me that she had actually mentioned the issues to her. So I gave her the option of going to the doctors right then or risking waiting another day and possibly having to miss a birthday party she was invited to tonight. She choose the docs.

We got to the doctors, waiting until the lab tech came and got us, went back did all the temp./blood pressure/ pre-lim stuff without any issues. Then she gave Kaitlyn the "hat" and the cup and the panic set in. Trace was being an animal, not surprisingly, and Kaitlyn is crying and I am losing my mind! I made Trace sit in the chair with the nurse and I went in with Kaity and did what I could to convince her that this was her best option. After about 40 minutes she finally went. What a process!

So I figured that would be, they would run the test, call in the prescription and we would be on our way... WRONG. The test showed glucose in it. So the nurse wanted Matt (our doctor and family friend) to look at it and see what he wanted to do and she didn't want us to leave until this all happened. Trace by this time was DONE. He wouldn't sit in the chair, he wanted a sucker (that he found in a drawer in the lab that he kept opening) and he wanted to run. The wonderful nurse brought both kids a sucker so at least that kept him content for 2 minutes. Kaitlyn was just exhausted and just sat in the chair about ready to fall over.

Dr. Lawrence came out and sat with us for a few minutes and said that the urine tests often times produce a false positive so he wasn't going to get to worked up about it. He said asked if we could do a finger poke just to see where her blood/sugar was. She agreed and back to the lab we go. He sat with us while they did and her number was a 159. 159 isn't extremely high but since she had not eaten since 11:30 and it was now after 4 pm, it raised a red flag. Diabetic is 200 plus. So we talked for a bit and knowing that a UTI can cause high blood sugar BUT diabetes can cause UTI's we decided to do 5 days on the meds to clear up the UTI, 5 days off meds and then a 12 hour fast and re-test. She announced they were not going to poke her finger again because she could feel her heart beating through her finger where they had just poked her. She was so brave through that part, only had a few tears and didn't freak out at the blood.

She was feeling a ton better this morning, just asking if she could be excused from PE (which wasn't needed since she only has a 1/2 day of school). We talked to her quite a bit about sugar and cutting back and drinking more water. Of course mother of the year right here, ONLY had vanilla ice cream last night to give her with her mashed up antibiotic horse pill. She took it with oatmeal this morning and she told me that was a much better choice.

We'll see how she is in 10 days, hopefully it was just part of the UTI and there really is no cause for concern.

It's Friday and I get to work all weekend. Rick is at his appointment now with the neurologist. He will be here at the store with Scott working on Scott's car all afternoon. Kaitlyn has a birthday party tonight so its a busy day for all!

I hope all of you have a great TGIF!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Morning Smiles...

A few things that made me smile this morning....
  • Not only was I not late leaving the house this morning... I WAS EARLY!
  • Trace jumping out of the car and running all the way to his classroom just so he could return a paper that got into his backpack that wasn't his. When his schools site director walked in he yelled, HEY LETTY! The smile on her face to his greeting, a sure fire great start to her day.
  • I pulled into the drive through lane at Kaitlyn's school and she opened the door and paused and actually ASKED for a kiss good-bye.
  • Rick finally got his doctors appointment for his back! His MRI wasn't good and surgery is supposedly needed so we have been waiting for a neurologist appointment. Friday morning is the big day. Hopefully an end to the pain is near!

Looking forward to lots more smiles today!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Darn Bucket!

Kaitlyn had her 1st grade spelling-bee today. Rick took time off of work to go watch. She went out on bucket. Her friend Annika that is in her class advanced on to districts, so GO ANNIKA. Rick said she sat on his lap for the rest of the time and spelled the words that were given out. He said she made 2 mistakes but got all the rest right. She was a complete and total nervous wreck about this. She was up at 3:45 this morning! When we were driving to school she said she wanted to skip jazz tonight because she just needed to come home and relax.

We are so proud of her.

Rick stayed in town and picked the kids up for me so I could come home. I should be cleaning T-Man's room but just not motivated. I know what my night is going to entail because I have 2 very tired kiddos on their way home!

I hope you had a great Monday!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wow, It's quiet!

We survived!! I'm not sure how mom's do it with 4 kids, I don't think I could for any real extended amount of time. We did have a lot of fun with Kendall and Meredith though. We made picture frames out of CD cases and had pizza and root beer floats. Trace was going to go to Grammie's to spend the night but he was having no part of leaving. At one point he agreed to go but when he said, "come on Meredith get your stuff" and I informed him it was only him going, he refused. He drove the girls a little crazy, mostly at bed time, but all in all everyone did well. Trace and Meredith had some good play time together this morning. The only real upsetting time was last night when Kaitlyn decided that Meredith liked Kendall more than her and she went a little drama queen on me (seriously, I have NO IDEA where she gets that from, *cough cough*).

The Seahawk game was pretty sad... ok REALLY sad. But I am so football'd out after this weekend. Not that we won't watch next weekend, but I'm glad it won't be FOUR GAMES!

We all got a nap in this afternoon and then took a drive up to Tri-Cities. It was a nice a relaxing afternoon and evening. I'm just hoping I can get the kids bathed and to bed at a decent hour. Kaitlyn has her spelling bee tomorrow. I won't be able to make it but Rick took the afternoon off of work to go and watch. She was VERY excited about that! I hope you had a great weekend and nice lazy Sunday!

Meredith and Kaitlyn

Kendall and Trace goofing off

Kendall, Meredith and Kaitlyn - this was the pic they put in their frames

This one was for the frame for Trace's

The girls frame project

Little living room campers

Morning dress up

The crazy almost 4 year olds!

Meredith let me braid her hair, I do love me some braiding!
Meredith wanted to get her pic taken with Tinkerbell :-)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Seahawk Saturday!

My head hurts! I got up early with a house full of sleepers so I decided to change my blog background. The instructions were easy enough but I always seem to find a way to make things complicated, yep that's me! I need to tweak a few things but its getting there.

Rick and Trace went to the motorcycle races last night with our brother in law Kevin and Carson. They met Rick's brother Steve, Michelle and Meredith there. They didn't get home until around 11:45 and of course Trace wanted to give me the blow by blow details of the night. I think he thinks he is going to be able to do a back flip on his dirt bike when he gets it.... ummm, GREAT! I said Trace you aren't going to be able to ride like that for a long time (HOPEFULLY NOT EVER!) and Rick piped in, yes he can mom. ummm, GREAT AGAIN!

I took Kaitlyn and Kendall to McDonalds to play on the toys last night. They played for an hour and half and then came home and took an hour bath. I braided their hair and put them to bed, they were tired!

Today we plan on laying low and cheering on the Hawks. It is raining now so no outside time for the kids, DARN IT. Later this afternoon we'll get Meredith for the night. The girls have a whole evening of girl power planned. Rick is looking for places to go :-)

Well I need to get to making breakfast.... hopefully you will be watching and cheering the Seahawks on to VICTORY! Have a great day, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories later... we are looking forward to a busy and fun evening!

Friday, January 11, 2008


Most of you that read this blog know that spelling is SO NOT MY THING! I have heard the story of Rick's spelling bee, mostly because that was the night Miss Sara decided to join the world :-) Well Kaitly obviously gets the spelling gene from her daddy. She was selected as one of the top 4 spellers in her room, through a class spelling bee. On Monday she competes against 11 other 1st grade spellers from her school. She called everyone last night to share her big news. I didn't work with her on her words as much as I should have so I didn't think she would make it, well shame on me.

Her word to make it to the final 4... BUZZER. Not bad for 1st grade, and yes I am one proud and boasting mom :-)

We'll work on her words this weekend but keep her in your thoughts on Monday. Go Kait!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The fall and the phone call....

Today had a sad start to it. I opened up Kaitlyn's back pack, way too close to when we were supposed to be on the road of course, and she only had one glove in there. So I sent her out to the car to see if the missing one was in there.

She can running back in yelling that Mr. Rupert was outside and needed my help because Mrs. Rupert fell down. The Ruperts are our neighbors. They have to be in their late 70's maybe even early 80's. Art is active, golfs with Mr. Hogue a few times a week, still drives and goes down town every morning for the Prosser Old Guys daily dice game but his health has suffered some in the last few years. Maxine on the other hand hasn't been in the best shape for quite a while. She falls quite often and it has been getting more and more difficult for Art to be able to get her up.

Well this morning she woke up sometime around 4:30 to use the restroom and fell on her way. Art hurt his leg yesterday trying to get her up so he was unable to get her up this morning and because he "didn't want to bother us so early" he just brought her a pillow and some blankets and sat with her until 7:00 when he came outside to catch us leaving. I went over and together we got her up and in a chair with her walker in front of her. He was so upset though. He knew that taking care of her was something he could no longer do.

I felt horrible rushing out the door but I had to get on the road to get the kids to school. I ran back home and grabbed the their daughters phone number and called her as soon as I got the kids dropped it. I felt so horrible calling her and having to tell her that I felt she or her siblings needed to get here to help their parents. I know he would never call anyone for help but I also know that if he doesn't get help then he will end up in the hospital and there will be no one to help Max.

A few hours later my phone rang and it was their other daughter calling. For some reason she said she knew a few weeks ago that she had to put in for a leave of absence at work. She said something kept telling her she was going to need to come home to take care of things with her parents so she got everything set up with her work and has spent the last few weeks preparing. Then my call came. She left her home in Canada this morning and was driving down and should be arriving sometime later tonight.

It was so sad to see Art this morning. I could just feel his pain and I could see how helpless he was feeling. Max isn't totally with it and she kept saying, "oh this is no big deal." Art responded, "it is Maxine - something has to give, we can't do this." Tonight when I went to check on him he said he was going to make calls tomorrow about Assisted Living.

I am so glad that I was able to go over this morning to help get her up. I told Art again tonight I didn't care what time of day or night it was he needed to call us if there was a problem. But when I saw him tonight I could just see the relief on his face as he was telling me his daughter was on her way. He needed help but was too proud to ask, so I did it for him :-)

I hope when I am older I will remember this. And I hope that all of you know that I am always here and if something is needed I am just a phone call away!

Speaking of phone calls... I had the best surprise this afternoon, Sonya called me!!! For anyone that doesn't know Sonya she is one of my best friends from high school. She moved the summer after we graduated and joined the Air Force. We e-mail and myspace back and forth but it has been ages since we have actually talked on the phone. I miss her so much and it was so good to hear from her, I think she knew I needed her!

I have the weekend off. Our friends Kevin and Michelle are in Vegas so their daughter is staying tonight. On Saturday Meredith is coming for a sleep over, we are all excited. Rick is going to work on building a toy box for Trace's room. This weekend is his rooms turn for an organizational make-over. I'm thinking this isn't going to be a rest up weekend but I am so looking forward to it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well winter has hit. It started snowing this morning, took a break during the day and then started back up this afternoon. It has been snowing like crazy all evening. So we bundled up the kids and headed to the stadium with Wendy and Carson. Of course Kaitlyn did not like the walk up the hill but she loved the ride down. And Trace, he is such a dare devil there is no stopping him. I'm surprised he didn't want to stand up on the sleds and try to make it down on his feet like the kids next to us were trying out. Wendy and Rick kept saying how surprised they were that not very many kids were out, there were only about 15 or 20. They talked about how packed it would get when they were growing up and Rick remembered being able to start at the fence at the VERY top and making it accross the parking lot. I even went down a few times and took a few snowballs in the legs and arms from my loving husband. Hopefully it sticks around for a few days so we can sled more. I called to see if Rick's dad wanted to go with us... we'll get him on a sled before winter is out!

Amee and Mitch fly out in the morning for Hawaii... yea, leave when winter actually gets fun :-) I'm actually just trying to make myself feel better because I so wish it was me leaving for Hawaii! Here's wishing them a fabulous and safe trip.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saucy The Snow Man...

Trace had to make a snowman for school and this is the finished product. He had so much fun and of course so did I! He is calling him frosty the snow man but it comes out saucy the snow man. So we all just call him Saucy.

Rick and Kaity spent the afternoon shopping in Tri-Cities for organizational stuff for her room. I spent the morning cleaning her room, my goodness I didn't know a child could accumulate so much stuff. She did pretty well saying good-bye to old toys and books.

Other than that it was a pretty quiet day. The weather was so nice, it is so not a typical January day but I'll take it. I hope all of you had a nice weekend!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wahoo Seahawks!!!

Well it got a little scary for a minute but they pulled it out. Another week of football for us fans!! Go Hawks!

I had the great pleasure of working today. It actually wasn't dead. It was 50 degrees so I think a lot of people took the chance to get out in the yard for a little bit. It sounds like we won't have much chance after the middle of the week, snow is a coming.

Looks like a nice low key and quiet night tonight. I have 2 very tired kids. Being back to school and having to get up early has caught up with all of us. Hopefully they both can have a nice good sleep tonight that will last late into tomorrow morning :-)

Friday, January 4, 2008

31 Years Young!

Well today I officially became "THIRTY SOMETHING". Last years big 3-0 was hard but I am chalking that up to just coming home for a fabulous vacation in Hawaii and going from nice warm weather with bright blue water to the freezing, cold, grey days of winter in Washington. I am pleasantly surprised to not be bothered by the number that just keeps getting bigger and bigger... funny that seems to be a common thing in my life. ha ha

Last night my parents did the traditional pizza dinner with friends and family. I had a great time visiting with everyone and it meant so much that people took time out of their busy schedules to come celebrate with me. The kids spent over $40 in quarters on ballons, bouncy balls and other junk. It was another birthday :-) Tonight Rick and I are going to go to Anthony's for dinner... my favorite! Kaitlyn is having a sleep over at Grammie's with Meredith and Trace is going to stay at the sitters a little late.

My parents got on the road this morning for 2 months of non-winter in San Diego at their condo. They were a little hesitant leaving because a storm is hitting northern CA but I think they were ready to get out of here. Last night they called to say they were going to wait a day. First thing this morning dad called to say he was so glad they decided to not leave because the storm was hitting and by 11 they had decided to go ahead and head out. They crack me up! They will head over the Desert for my cousins birthday next weekend and they are hoping to book a last minute cruise to Mexico during one of the weeks they are down there. I'm excited for them! That is what being retired is all about.

I am working all day tomorrow so we don't have any big weekend plans. Rick finished the last of the siding on the garage. I'm sure he will work on some tape and mud inside over the weekend. It is ready for final inspection though. So nice to have one project just about wrapped up. Can't wait be able to cross the next one off the list.

What ever your plans are for the weekend, enjoy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Garage, it can officially be called that!

Just needs a coat of paint! Wahoo we have a garage!

New Years Trip

Here are a few pics from our New Years trip.

We started out at the new Cabela's in Stateline. I didn't think the kids and I would last long and I knew Rick really wanted to spend some time there. But I was SHOCKED at how into it we all were. The store is incredible. There is so much to do and see. The animal exhibits are amazing. It would be easy to spend hours in that place.

Rick and Trace practicing their shooting at Cabela's

Of course Rick had to try it out himself

Kaitlyn was totally into it. But why am I surprised since she will watch those dang hunting shows for hours! Where did she come from :-)

We left Cabela's around 3 and drove up the road to Hayden, ID. We took the kids to Triple Play and stayed at the Holiday Inn that is attached to it. The kids had the best time, actually we all did. It was definately a great way to spend New Years with little ones.

Rick and Kaitlyn, Trace was probably RUNNING to the next slide.

That would be Kaitlyn under that splash

Trace, loving he can do it all on his own

This was how he looked all night. We could hear him the minute he took off on the slide because he was SCREAMING.

Rick and Kaitlyn

She loved it too!

Rick and Trace

Trace doing his "pout" because he couldn't go in the deep water by himself.

Kaitlyn could do all the slides on her own, this was her favorite

Rick and Trace finishing the slide

Splashing around...

We played some golf...

And we took 2 very tired kids back to the room to ring in the New Year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We hope that all of you have enjoyed the first day of 2008. We went to Spokane and Hayden, ID and took the kids to an indoor waterpark to ring in the new year. We all had a blast! Rick got to go to the new Cabela's, he was of course in HEAVEN. It was the perfect way to start the new year!

We hope you had a safe night and that 2008 will bring you much happiness! I'll post pictures tomorrow from the slides and of our garage, which is 6 boards shy of being done!!!! It looks fantastic. Rick did a great job and I think he has really enjoyed doing it. He gave me lots of options on what he can "build" next on our road trip :-)