Thursday, November 29, 2007

A night of sledding!

In great Prosser tradition, we took the kids to the football stadium hill to get some sledding in last night. There wasn't a lot of snow but it didn't matter! They had a blast.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

We have had some snow twice in the last week or so but it is usually gone in a few hours. It is supposed to snow quite a bit tonight and tomorrow... always exciting to get the first real snow fall of the year!

Elephant Kids

Trace's elephant ears he made at school:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Such the prankster

Rick's dad is NOT a Jimmie Johnson fan... like NOT AT ALL. So to celebrate Jimmie's championship we stragically placed this in his yard next to his hot tub. He was so excited to come home and have it waiting for him. It took a little while for me to get the blame but I was found out. And now he has to suffer looking at it all the way through the holidays because the grandkids think it is the coolest thing ever!

Trace and our nephew Carson posing with Dave's lawn decoration

PS - I am also SO NOT A JIMMIE FAN. So I just know this will at some point end up back in my yard. So be on alert, it will be passed on :-)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Here are a few pics of our first phase of remodel on the house. Rick is enclosing the carport to make a garage.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend just flew by. Rick and I both had Wednesday off work. The kids had school so I worked in Kaitlyn's classroom while Rick stayed home and worked on our new garage. After I left Rick's mom called and said she needed Rick's help getting Grandma in the car. She had swollen up so much she couldn't walk, stand or barely move so she was taking her to the hospital. So when they got to Kadlec they found that she was retaining fluid so much that it was even in her lungs. They admitted her. I got home with the kids after school and Rick was just finishing sheeting the garage. We asked Wendy to take Kaitlyn while we took Trace to Home Depot to get windows, insulation, a door and some other misc. stuff. We met Kathie for dinner in Tri-Cities and got the latest on Grandma, got our shopping done and headed home.

I love having Thanksgiving at my house. My mom wanted to make a turkey so I really didn't have that much work to do. Rick went out and got the windows in the garage. I finished getting the house ready and then made the food I needed to make. Rick deep fried a small turkey and my parents, Kristin, Scott and Kathie came over to enjoy a delicious dinner. Everything came out great! After dinner we headed down to Rick's dad's for desert and to visit with all of them. It is tradition that we draw names for who we buy for on Christmas. The kids had the best time and were so good. It is always crazy to get 4 of them the same age together but the boys teamed up and the girls teamed up and they just had a blast. Kaitlyn and Meredith headed to Kathie's for a sleep over - NO BOYS ALLOWED. Kathie said they were so tired they were asleep within 30 minutes of Steve and Michelle dropping them off.

Friday I got up and did the crazy shopping thing. I got the kids pretty wrapped up and 2 of our 4 draws done. I also made ANOTHER Home Depot run for sheet rock. Rick got all the insulatating done and then spent the afternoon out scouting with Mike for deer hunting on Sat. Grandma got out of the hospital. She is doing better and will hopefully take her medication as needed. The kids and I just hung out and spent the evening getting updates from Kristin and Scott on the Prosser football game. The radio feed didn't work so you can only imagine what that means for a town that lives for their football! Prosser won and will be heading to the state championship game this coming weekend. Go Mustangs! Trace wouldn't nap during the day so while I was sitting in the living room I noticed it had gotten really quiet in his room. This is how I found him... think he was tired :-)

Saturday Rick got up early and went hunting. I had a day of nothing ahead of me. I'm not good at those days! I am so used to go-go-going all the time that being home this much this weekend has been crazy. Sara came over in the afternoon and stayed with Trace while he napped so I could take Kaitlyn to a friends house and make yet another Home Depot run. It is pretty sad when they know me in there now. And we are just starting! Rick got home around 3 and I called Devin to see if he could come over to help with the sheetrock in the ceiling. His cousin Kyle was in town so they came over and they got all the sheetrock up on the ceiling! It is coming along so well!!! I think Rick is very happy.

Today he has to finish the sheetrock on the walls and take a door out from the side of the house and move it to the outside door. The next step is putting in the door in the kitchen but the cabinets in the kitchen have to come down for that so we'll do that last. We are putting all new cabinets in but we aren't doing that until the garage is done so we will try to limit as much time as possible to be missing the existing cabinets... not that I cook much, haha.

We hope everyone has had a nice long weekend of family and friends!

Friday, November 23, 2007

My First

Well it must be a boring day home... I guess I really don't know what to do with time on my hands. I decided I would start this blog after a few of my good friends have them and I realize how much I enjoy looking at them. I love seeing the updates on the kids (and the parents too!). I am going to try to keep this updated and hopefully you will enjoy keeping up with us. And this is as good of time as any going into the holidays. Thanks for checking our new blog out and make sure you tell at me if I am not keeping it up!